"Where Your Destiny is in Your Hands"

Mission Statement

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts mission is to capture the awareness of individuals at risk of not fulfilling their potential goals, by offering them guidance, counseling, leadership and self-awareness through the use of Performing Arts.

Our Vision

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts vision is to reach communities across the Nation and bring a positive change in individual?s lives.  Our vision is to discourage poverty, low-self esteem, unemployment, hopelessness while encouraging productivity, hope, jobs for the jobless and building better relationships among families.  Headline Mentors & Performing Arts vision is to obtain a secure foundation for this organization and build a facility to house special services and programs for at risk-individuals. 

Our Goals

Our goal is to teach individuals how to achieve and become successful in whatever goal they set to achieve.  Headline Mentors doing business as HMPA Inc. goal is to offer mentoring services across the nation in effort to bring the arts back to the forefront.  Many public schools have taken out or pay less attention to the performing arts which  deprives our gifted children an opportunity of expressing their artistic side.  Education is very important and we are not discrediting the fact that academics are extremely important however we want to ensure our communities are able to embrace their artistic side as well.

Our Approach

HMPA Inc. has taken a different approach in motivating and capturing the attention of our youth today.  HMPA Inc. has incorporated Life Skills and Performing Arts all under one platform, bringing electrifying results to all involved.