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2017 Prince & Princess Ball- October 21st

Don't Bully ME! Is a youth-driven and inspired program where we host our annual stage play "Don't Bully ME!" we campaign and crusade against bullying and effects on today's youth.  Our youth are always excited and eager to work in this project. We look for community support during our crusades months January - April.

Don't Bully ME!
2018 Coming!


Daveon Ishman of Corta Photography & Graphix Designs captured one of the Talent Showcase contestants in an awesome and courageous photo shoot this past Saturday.  Chayil Lightfoot is a 9th grader with a big future! She came to HMPA Inc. 2013 as an actress in the stage play, “What She Won’t Do…I Will!”, after the play she decided to come back to audition and landed a role in “Don’t Bully ME!” Stage play March 2014.  Chayil got her first break in acting but wow’d the judges with her beautiful, sultry voice.


After posing for the photo shoot for the Talent Showcase…she walks away as the spokes photo for the “CRUSADE”. Congratulations Chayil and thanks for taking a stand against bullying!   Thanks Corta Photography for this awesome SHOT of her!

Interviews with Tay B. at Prince & Princess Ball 2014

  HMPA Inc. hosted it's first annual "Don't Bully ME!-THE CRUSADE Prince & Princess Ball!"  The ball sold out!  Great prizes from donors such as Putt Putt Golf, Raising Canes, Mountasia, Sandy Lake, McDonalds, Don Carters Bowl, Alley Cats and more!!!


The children had a blast!!


 Dynamic Speakers that experienced bullying or witnessed it. 


 Don't miss the upcoming events!  Join the Crusade!

Don't Bully Me! Anti-Bullying Campaign

HMPA Inc. is happy to announce it's newest campaign, "Don't Bully Me!"  We are teaming up with community leaders, businesses and schools in surrounding areas to ward against bullying!


 "Don't Bully Me!" is a campaign that's promoting, "SPEAKING UP!"  We are encouraging students to speak up against bullying and allow their voice to be heard!  HMPA Inc. has a full bullying campaign with literature provided by "Stop Bullying Now!" campaign via U.S. Department of Health and Human Services bullying campaign.


We are proud to announce we will have an array of events to attend that started the month of September 2013!


 We host mentoring classes on Bullying!



 We will come to your schools or organizations FREE!


Jeanette Greenwood

Please Call: (817)923-1741





Please make a donation today to support this campaign and help us spread the word that bullying is not cool, so... "DON'T BULLY ME!"


We look forward to hearing from you! 



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