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Spring Acting Workshop Improv Classes!

$150.00 $200.00

Classes will be 2 hours classes from 10 am-12 noon

March 3, 10, 24 & 31

Please come with open mind and ready to enjoy!!!

We are exited about our upcoming classes!

Award Winning Jeanette Greenwood, will be teaching what she knows best...IMPROV, CHARATER & SCRIPT ANALYSIS! If you ever wanted to act and not sure if you have what it takes, come out to the fun-filled classes and learn! Jeanette teaches with such excitement and encouragement to all eager to learn. The classes are 2 hour classes. She will be teaching...


  1. Using your imagination
  2. Allow it to flow naturally and flow with your scene partner
  3. Remember to work as a team
  4. Know your script (Analysis)
  5. Know your character (Analysis)
  6. Making mistakes (Is it okay?)
  7. Know your character and the relationship
  8. Theater Games
  9. Scenarios
  10. Do's & Don'ts of Improv


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