"Where Your Destiny is in Your Hands"

About Headline Mentors & Performing Arts...


Headline Mentors & Performing Arts provide mentoring to both youth and adults in the performing arts.  We take the performing arts and use it to channel negative energy while bringing positive results in the lives of those we mentor.

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving Tarrant and surrounding counties.  Headline Mentors & Performing Arts was founded by Visionary Jeanette Greenwood in January 2009.  Headline Mentors started in 2001 as a tutoring agency.  Jeanette Greenwood alone tutored underprivileged youth in reading. She would use her home and libraries to assist youth in reading. 

Jeanette dreamed of offering services to the community and assist at-risk communities with any and all communities needs from, hunger, poverty, low-self esteem, lack of self-worth, educational deficiencies and family bonding.

Headline Mentors & Performing Arts teach life-skills and acting which is now their biggest attention grabber for youth of all demographics and economic status! Acting for A Greater Cause program now serves all communities.


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