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Personal Testimonies

These are personal testimonies from people that's had the opportunity to be helped or mentored by Headline Mentors.  These are original testimonies.  They have not been altered to reflect the good of the organization.  Please enjoy these heart felt testimonies!

Blake Ealey aka Mr. Ealey

I did a final analysis with Blake regarding the conclusion of his mentorship and experience as a cast member of “I didn’t ask to be here”  Blake said that his experience was real, and once he got his lines down he was good to go along with having lots of fun.  The excitement of being backstage, rehearsal responsibilities and how a play comes together really hit home. When asked where would he have been had he been cut, he said that he still would have continued to press on, but he would have had extreme disappointment in himself because he let everybody down.  He went on to express that it would have been no one’s fault but his own, and he would have had to deal with the negative consequences.  Blake stated that he probably would not have been in trouble or gotten into trouble, but the outcome probably would not have been the best had he been cut from the play. I asked Blake if he could do it all over again would he have done it and quickly he said yes. But he said he would have done it and remained focused no matter what instead of letting outside negativity get in the way of his goals.  Blake expressed that now that he does not have unnecessary stress on him that he is more than willing to comply, adhere, and obey all casting rules. Blake stressed emphasis on the fact it is good to be loved, and it is a blessing to know that he has the entire HMPA Family on his side backing him.  He says that he is in HMPA for life – it doesn't just end here.  He says it hits home, means so very much that he can call any of us at any point and we will answer. Blake said that you don’t find too many dedicated and true loving people such as us and he appreciates that the most along with prayers.  I asked Blake that if he ran into another person younger than him, fresh out of prison and seen he or she headed down the same path of destruction if he would recommend them to HMPA and he expeditiously stated yes.  Blake says that he would love to be featured in the article because at this point he can’t go anywhere but up and he knows beyond the shadow of the doubt that we are here to help him and not hinder him.



Thelma Mitchell - Aspiring Actress & Singer

HMPA Testimony – Thelma Mitchell


     As a former member and mentee of Headline Mentors & Performing Arts, I have learned an abundance of lessons about team work.  I have learned that you must have a team to be able to accomplish tasks, short-term goals, and long-term goals. The combination of team work and trust across various departments within this organization has taught me that there is no “I” in “We”, and that we are all in this life together for a common purpose.  I love the fact that HMPA exercised individualism and freedom to not only work on internal tasks individually, but also meet the challenge of being able to comprehend and complete a task.  HMPA is an organization of team work, family oriented, informative, and take great pride in professionalism!


Cory James  (Check out his artistic work below)

Cory James came aboard Headline Mentors & Performing Arts as a mentee in our previously incarcerated program.  Cory came to Headline Mentors & Performing Arts after being released from Texas TDCJ, after serving a 6 year sentence.  Cory was out less than 2 weeks when he contacted the founder, Jeanette Greenwood for help.  Cory said, "I just want to get back out here and do what I know I can do, if you help me I promise I will not let you down!".  After speaking with Cory, Mrs. Greenwood assured him that letting us down is not the concern.  We want him to make himself proud. 

Ms. Camille Dancer called Cory and did his intake over the phone.  Headline Mentors & Performing Arts assisted Cory with his financial aid and contacted International School of Cosmetology in Fort Worth, TX.  Cory started school the following Monday after his financial aid was completed.  Cory has successfully completed his training in cosmetology and is awaiting to take board exam.  Cory has excelled in many ways!

 We received a voice message from his mother thanking us for all we have done. She said she see a big change in her son and he appears to be extremely happy with his life now.  Cory is not just a great barber, he is a tatoo artist as well.  Cory is what we call an acheiver despite the odds! Let's all continue to keep Cory in our prayers as change is often a struggle but as long as he keeps a positive attitude and keep positive friends he will survive.


Congratulation Cory James!  You definitely make us proud to know our work is not in vain!



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