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We've loved every minute of our journey

Our girls are FLYING TO NEW YORK!!! 

HMPA is proud to announce that Juana Munoz and Nayeli Avelar have been cast in "The Next Generation/Familiar Faces" 2017 Global ad campaign for the No H8 organization. Juana and Nayeli will be traveling to NYC for a private shoot with Adam Bouska - celebrity photographer and co-founder of the No H8 organization.

This is the first time that Adam has chosen to shoot a private group and we are beyond excited that Nayeli and Juana are able to help bring attention to the epidemic of bullying, especially cyber-bullying.

Adam's previous supporters in his campaigns include celebrities from across the spectrum: people like Justin Beiber, Cher, Katy Perry, Larry King, Dick Van Dyke, Gloria Alred, Megan McCain, The Kardashians and the list goes on and on.

The private shoot will culminate in Juana and Nayeli's photos being used globally to help bring awareness to bullying, discrimination and equality.

Though the story of "Alone" was tough one for both Juana and Nayeli to tell, in doing so, they have helped bring awareness to this issue and in return they have also been given the amazing opportunity to be rewarded for their bravery and the opportunity to spread their message globally.

Please help us help them be able to take part in this amazing project!! No amount is too small. 

Thank you in advance from Juana, Nayeli and HMPA Inc. 

Can't wait to share the pictures when they come back!!

We need community support..

Our girls will be flying out this month!  On our CEO's birthday January 22nd to be exact! Now what a great gift for her to see the film she produced and the stars travel to spread the word about BULLYING and take a stand!  Support our girls!

We will host our 1st Annual Women Empowerment.  This empowerment is open to girls as well.  Our guest speaker Tonza Caldwell-Simon born in Idabel,Oklahoma raised in Fort Worth, TX. brings a powerful anointed word to the women of 2017, encouraging us to not to continue to walk in defeat with low self-esteem, no since of self-worth and the horrible curse called "BITTERNESS".  

She joins our special guest, Denice Ford, as she comes to talk about women's health and how we can stay healthy.

Click on picture to reserve your seat!

2017 Prince & Princess Ball! Tickets go on sale soon!

2017 Prince & Princess Ball is in full gear!

We will host our event at the beautiful Atrium Hotel in Irving, TX on March 4, 2017.

Early Bird Tickets will go on sale December 31st!

We are gathering up our Guest performers and list will be posted soon.

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