Meet the stars of the movie "ALONE"

Alone Movie "Stars"

Coming to Theaters October 2016 "National Anti-bullying Month"

Lauren Fiddess

Being able to shoot this movie was an amazing opportunity. The experience of being on a film set was just so informing and fun!! My favorite part of being on set is being able to interact with people, but you are not completely being yourself. You sort of get to become someone different and make a character that was written on paper come to life. I wanted to be a part of this film because the situation that Ever was going through really spoke to me. I had gone through the same obstacle that Ever did minus some of the actions taken on her. What I want people to learn from this film is that bullying is under no circumstance acceptable. If you are struggling, it's okay to speak up. Don't think that it will make you look like a goodie-goodie, or some wimp, because it won't. In fact, if you speak up or even help someone you're being the bigger person. I want people to see parts of this film and do the opposite. Help people, be nice, make a new friend, help in your community. Happiness is less of an effort than cruelty, so "Don't worry be happy". ~ Bobby McFerrin.

Nayeli Avelar

This was my story....

Taylor Massengale


Shot from the movie 


Ever- Lauren Noelle

Lacey- Nayeli Avelar

(this is her true story)

Youth Film "Alone'  Meet the 15-Year old Writer!

I always had a love for fine arts. I like the idea of being creative and talented so I always had an idea of becoming a famous singer, yes a singer just as famous as Beyoncé. The thing is I cannot sing! So it was and it is a silly thing to dream of pursuing and I’m no longer interested of becoming a singer. There was a time when I told myself, fine arts is not for me until I discovered HMPA. When I got the chance to act and be on plays I found my way back to fine arts. I had discovered that acting was something I enjoyed doing and even willing to make a career out of.  I want to become a professional actress but my family does not have the money for it, not even for me to go to college. It worries me a lot. I might not be able to go to college if I do not earn a scholarship. I am going to be the fourth out of six children to go to college so I must earn scholarships to get a major that is certain to bring me good money to be able to pursue my acting dreams. I have every bit of assurance and passion on becoming a professional actress/Filmmaker! It is not certain that I will make it, but I will give it my all . I enjoy every single part about acting/film.

What I like about acting is that it takes one out of the comfort zone and it becomes an adventure which leads into confidence and sociability. I was a very shy person who only talked when people talked to me, and who struggled with self esteem, but thanks to HMPA who guided me through acting to show me that it was okay to get out there. HMPA saved me from always being this shy unconfident person that I was and saying no to opportunities because i didn't have enough courage. I will always be grateful to HMPA for being there for me and that little push that i needed to get out of my comfort zone .

I never thought that writing would be one of my other passions. I always saw writing as one of my weaknesses until HMPA. When i wrote scripts in the class i always received great feedback from my teachers, sisters and peers. I thought they were just being nice so i never really saw my potential in writing until my most recent script, Alone. Alone has been successful. It is becoming a shortfilm. I am very excited to see something i wrote come to life. Writing gives me freedom of expressing myself without feeling like I might get in trouble, that’s what I like most about writing.

Alone was already a story. It was a true story. Sixth grade, a year before I knew my best friend existed; she had gotten bullied by a girl who we'll call Lacey (not her real name). In the real story no one found out that Lacey was  responsible for the account, ‘till this day almost everyone does not know the truth. I was asked to write a bullying script by my teacher, Jeanette Greenwood. Since I never witness a bullying moment or went through one I was blank, I did not know what to write about so I asked my friend for help. She told me i could write about her story so I did.  Since i do not know all the details  I wrote this story as the best i could. 

With the help of my friend I was able to keep the storyline true although some parts are not real. Lacey had bullied, blamed and forced Ever (not her real name) to keep it that way, Lacey also cyberbullied all those people who she made fun of.  I wanted to write about this story to show that anyone can be a bully and get bullied and how important it is to not stay quiet. Bullying is a serious thing that must not be ignored as it can cause a forever scar and even worse suicide. 

Hopefully this story has motivated the audience to not bully and to help those who are being bullied.


Juana Munoz

Our Production Team

Producers & Directors for Film "ALONE"

Jeanette Greenwood

Executive Producer & Director
Jeanette Greenwood has produced and directed several hit productions in Tarrant County  Working as a mentor is her passion!  Jeanette has directed several productions and works to teach youth and adults basic acting techniques.  Jeanette is an active corporate member of Women In Film Dallas.  She is also working as Casting Director on an upcoming CHICK FLICKS project that will be aired at the 2016 Chick Flick Film Festival.

Davina Perry

Davina has worked as Co-Director for several productions with HMPA Inc.  Davina actual position is Events DIrector, but after Jeanette needed help with directing, she jumped in and has supported every since.  She loves what she she has learned as co-directing 

Freddie Watkins

Freddie started out as a Photographer with Jeanette in 2009, after much persuasion he picked up a Video Camera and has filmed several movies throughout Texas with various producers and directors.  Freddie is a pioneer in the industry and continues to improve his craft by supporting various film projects.